Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Singapore Restaurants, Food and Dining

Singapore is known as food lovers' heaven, and deservedly so. Its varjavascript:void(0)ious cultural influences and a readiness to take on the latest gastronomic trends make for a unique blend of top-notch restaurants, cosy cafes and local-style hawker stalls and kopi tiams (coffee shops).
Singaporeans love eating, and have been known to travel miles in search of the perfect preparation of their favourite dish. Where to go for lunch or dinner, or which stall makes the best laksa (curry noodles) are common topics of conversation. The typical Singapore foodie is also rather sophisticated; he knows his penne from his rigatoni and is au courant with the latest fusion eatery that has just opened.
You could literally comb the streets for good restaurants; there are so many everywhere and they are easily accessible. The choice is so varied it is sometimes startling - there are whole streets where Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan eateries rub shoulders with their Japanese, American, French, Mexican and Mediterranean counterparts.

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